Bugzzz stroller is an innovative stroller with smart technology that will bring you more comfort and safety. Bugzzz stroller is equipped with many smart and useful features providing you a better experience riding your baby. This stroller has a minimalist and simple approach, but also a lot of great features to fulfill your needs.


Chassis with seat dimensions in cm (length x width x height) – 91 cm / 52 cm / 103 cm

Folded chassis with seat dimensions in cm (length x width x height) – 97 cm / 52 cm / 48 cm

With smart electric motors mounted on the stroller’s rear axle and a powerful lithium-ion removable battery, you don’t have to worry if you go uphill or downhill. Bugzzz electric system will support you and make it easier for you.

Uphill and downhill support

By turning the handlebar, you can adjust the right speed for you (like on an e-bike or motorcycle) or by turning left or right you can turn your front wheels. The touchscreen is right in front of you so you can always have information about the temperature, distance you have traveled, the status of the battery or setting up to five different fingerprints for locking and unlocking the electric features. You can also use all-electric features through a smartphone app.

In the electric mug, you can keep cold milk and warm it up to the right temperature for your baby when you need it.

Unlock all the features on your phone with a fingerprint

The standard footrest can be replaced with a one with built-in rain cover, so you don’t have to worry if rain starts or the wind blowing. Your baby will be protected.

Customize your stroller with plenty of colors and lightweight materials