Flamingo is a 99-meter super sailing yacht equipped with innovative technology like the DynaRig system and many other high-end technology features. Flamingo is a luxury yacht designed with clean lines, spaciousness, and openness so the entire yacht provides unlimited freedom and comfort for everyone. On the main deck and upper deck is five separate units/room every with different purposes. The unique bridge on the upper deck provides an unforgettable experience and an unexceptional view of the sea while also connecting all three units on the upper deck. All units/rooms are mostly built from the glass to provide more lights in the room. The roof units on the upper deck can be mounted with 300 square meters of solar panels for providing more electric power. The sides of the main deck contain glass so you can enjoy the view, but at the same time to be protected. The yacht includes the main saloon on the upper deck, pool with saltwater on the main deck, beach area, beauty and spa center, cinema, gym… In the back of the yacht, you can seat and enjoy the evening or have dinner with an open view of the sea. A flamingo can use diesel and electric motors.