SU-R Box


Boost your car storage with SU-R Box

When it’s time to travel, we all face the same problem with the amount of space in our car. The roof box is a great choice when we need to expand our travel space, but when the roof box is mounted on the roof, it can’t be removed until we arrive at the final destination. SU-R BOX is designed as a mobile roof box that you can mount and remove from the roof of your car at any time. You can package your stuff at home and then place it on the roof. SU-R box is equipped with removable belts that helps you to place it on the car roof. It is designed for smaller cars that don’t have enough space in the trunk. Silicone pads on the bottom provide a better grip on the roof of the car and at the same time protects from scratches or damages. SU-R BOX with his ergonomy ensures good airflow. The weight indicator will warn you if the weight in the luggage is overload. A locking system with fingerprint will make your luggage protection more than easy. It also has two USB ports for charging your mobile phone or laptop as well as a GPS locator in case you lose your luggage.


Boost your car storage with SU-R BOX
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