- Product design 2018.

Sipro is an intelligent social robot designed for parents to be more productive with their home tasks and also be able to monitor their children. Sipro is not a replacement for the parents or a nanny, he is just a kind of help that is going to release you from some unnecessarily thinking. Sipro has great features like cleaning the air from pollen, allergens, smoke, reminders, first aid database… or maintaining the right temperature in the children’s room. You can sleep without worries because if your baby starts to cry Sipro will detect crying and alarm you. When your children grow up, Sipro can be a useful toy and learn children new words, painting, projecting pictures or movies on the wall, driving with Sipro thanks to the self-balancing system, and so on.

Air Purifier

Inside Sipro is an air purifier that removes all the insufficiency in the air and thus provides a healthier environment for your little ones. Thanks to temperature sensors, Sipro can set the air conditioner via wifi to achieve optimal room temperature.

Let's be creative

Sipro is fun. Together you can do many great things. With a projector in his nose, he can project images, drawings, video, …

Drive with Sipro

With additional parts, you can transform Sipro to be your baby walker or you can drive it thanks to his self-balancing system

Charging pad

When batteries come to the end, Sipro automatically go to the charging pad

Don't miss a thing

Give your children freedom, but at the same time keep an eye on what are they doing. With a powerful HD camera, Sipro can capture unforgettable moments or serve as a system for monitoring your children through a mobile phone. Also, you can manage your robot over the phone.


Child-Focused Home Robots